Businesses That Will Benefit From SEO Services

Years ago, businesses looking to grow their company on the internet knew that SEO was their key. Today, a lot of new businesses are focused on social media reach and marketing. What if I told you that, according to HubSpot, 1000% of more traffic to businesses came from SEO and not from social media? While the mindset is focused on social media, the numbers don’t lie; SEO still plays a huge part in marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an algorithm process that helps rank websites through organic search. It’s a key marketing tool where potential customers’ searches in Google will help bring your website up to the first page in response to that keyword. Not only is SEO still the main traffic driver in the game, but there are also certain businesses where it matters even more. Let’s dive into the top four business types that need SEO.

What Top Four Types of Companies Need SEO?

There are four types of companies that need Search Engine Optimization the most, including local companies, medical companies, small businesses, and service industries. Let’s take a closer look at each.

  • Local companies – Local Search Engine Optimization is different from national SEO, which can be shown when you do a search and local businesses pop up before the listing of websites. This marketing tool is a key way to get your local business in front of people.
  • Medical companies – Doctors and dentists have keyword opportunities some other businesses don’t. They’re local, they have fields of specialization, and both will reduce keyword competition. It’s paramount to have proper SEO when you own a medical company.
  • Small businesses – Businesses that are just getting up and running desperately need SEO from the start. It’s cost-efficient and can rise to the top by targeting smaller niches in the keywords.
  • Service industries – Plumbers, roofers, and even HVAC professionals should use SEO for their businesses in their locality. People needing service professionals want them fast and local and these searches are high converters to customers.

While nearly all businesses need search engine optimization, these four types can really work it to their advantage. By connecting with professionals that know how to boost websites and business listings, you can quickly become a top player in your service field. Get in touch with our team at 1023 Digital Marketing to get the marketing tools you need.

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