Your business is what you do best. Let us do what we do best, Getting your business found online!

Creating a website can be an overwhelming task, not to mention very time consuming. Let 10:23 Digital Marketing create a website that will be a reflection of your vision. Websites can serve many purposes. It could just be a virtual business card, or it could be a well tuned lead generating machine. Whatever your goals are for your website 10:23 Digital Marketing is here to help. We will create fully responsive websites so you can be found on desk top, tablet, and mobile devices. You tell us what you do, and where you do it. We will create a website that will showcase your company with the look and feel you are proud to show off!

Connect with one of our professional consultants. We will take the time to learn about your business and the audience you are wanting to reach.

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Lead Generation

Contact one of our professional consultants today to learn how we get local customers to call you directly!

No matter what your specialty when someone is needing a (service) lawyer, veterinarian, or a local plumber they are turning to the internet for answers.

That’s where 10:23 Digital Marketing comes in. We get those searchers to pick up the phone and call you directly. Take the guess work out of Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization, let our professional team do the work for you.

Our consultants will gather all of your information about your company and make recommendations based off your goals and target audience.

We will provide a comprehensive package based on your needs.

Expert layout of fully

Responsive website design to reach a potential client no matter if they are on a desk top, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Start generating leads today by using 10:23 Digital Marketing’s years of experience in delivering quality lead generation.

10:23 Digital Marketing uses On site and off site SEO tactics to get organic lead generation.

Unique content designed to reach your idea customers.

Keyword optimization

Pay Per Click Strategy and Management. Based on the number of searches in your local area.

  • Google Analytics
  • A/B testing of campaigns.
  • Business Facebook page creation
  • Local Listing Builder
  • Lead Generation strategy
  • Trackable phone number
  • 100% visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No long term contracts!
  • We are only successful if you are!
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Social Marketing

The average person spends 8 hours a day on social media. Why is your business not there 24hours a day? Social media has taken over our daily lives. Keeping up with friends and family on Facebook, seeing Instagram post of your nieces newest goldfish, to making meaningful business relationships on LinkedIn. Social media is here to stay. Learn which social media platforms are best for your business and how 10:23 Digital Marketing can help you succeed!

Social media is one of the least expensive ways to reach your targeted demographic with powerful and engaging post. We will create and manage all of your social campaigns with beautiful designs and compelling messaging.

Start reaching your clients today by calling one of our very Social consultants!

Search Engine Marketing

Navigating through the world of online marketing can be challenging. You don’t have to face it all alone call one of our highly trained search engine marketing consultants and learn what 10:23 Digital Marketing can do for your business.

Have you tried pay per click advertising before with little or no results? Have you been guaranteed first page rankings on Google? Have you tried Google AdWords yourself? Were you stuck in a long contract with a company who was not providing what they promised? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, know that you are not alone. There are many “Fly by Night” or “investor focused “ companies out there. We created our business for exactly this reason. We have watched first hand while large corporations worry about lining share holder pockets or so called experts not knowing best practices. Let us show you why we are different! We provide reports in live time so you never have to question what am I getting for my money. If you are not happy with your Pay Per Click results fire us! It’s that simple we ask for a 90 day commitment from you for all our services. After the initial 90 days it is a month to month service. No more long term contracts with no way to get out. No more guessing as to what is happening with your budget. A 15 day notice of cancellation is required. Call us and see what search engine marketing is best for your business.

Services include pay per click on Google , Bing, and Yahoo. Social marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Search Engine Optimization-

Did you know organic listings are clicked on a average 8 times more than Paid listings?

SEO is very important to the long term success of your business. You need to have an SEO strategy in place. 10:23 Digital can put together a strategy for long term growth. Learn More!

Search engine optimization is a term that is thrown around quite a bit by online marketing companies.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is very simply: having the content of your website optimized so that the search engines can find it. All the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are all in the answers business. They want to provide their users with the most relevant content, related to the search query that was entered. The trick is to know all of the rules (that change daily).

There are two types of SEO. First there is onsite SEO this is the practice of making the content on your webpage relevant to the solutions you are an expert on. Secondly is Off site SEO. This is the “geeky” portion of SEO. Having your site linked to as many relevant and trusted sites as possible. Be careful! adding too many at once or using an un credible back links will hurt More than it will help. Having a knowledgeable resource like 10:23 Digital puts you way ahead of your competition. Take the guess work out of it. Contact one of our highly trained consultants so we can help you be found when your customer is looking for you.

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Local Listings Builder

Making sure you show up when a potential customer is looking for your services is key. Making sure the accuracy of your business information that is being published is crucial. Nothing like having that top client find your name and number only to be disappointed by a disconnected number or outdated email address. Only to have them contact your competitors.With our Local Listing Builder You will never have to face that scenario again. In our years in the business you would be shocked at how often clients come to us with this exact scenario.

Businesses grow and move to new locations. Many times adding, or changing phone numbers, and emails without updating their information.

Our team will scour the internet finding all of your listings and making sure that your NAP (name address and phone number) are all consistent. We can even expand upon your listings adding photos, and descriptions about your business. Call one of our consultants today at xxx-xxx-xxxx!

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