What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, what is it, where to advertise, and why. What is the fastest way to generate new business? This is a question we are asked almost daily. The answer is: it depends. I know pretty vague answer. When it comes to building an online presence, there are various digital marketing types out there. Depending on your business type, marketing budget, location, etc.. are such factors, the ideal online marketing technique differs from one business to another.

Some popular digital marketing types are SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), email marketing, and SMM (social media marketing).

What is Pay Per Click?
Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a complex digital marketing channel. From an advertiser’s point of view, the good thing about this marketing channel is it charges based on the clicks and not on the impressions. In this marketing channel, the advertiser needs to pay a fee each time his/her ads are clicked. From a consumers point of view, the ads for PPC are the first thing that they see when searching for a product or service.

Basically, it is the way of buying targeted website visitors. PPC marketing can be an effective method if you want to generate leads/sales or build brand awareness quickly.

Under PPC advertising, the advertiser can bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. The bid is paced based on the keywords. For example, if the advertiser wants to show ads to people finding a dentist in Jacksonville, he/she needs to bid for related keywords like “best dentists in Jacksonville, Florida”, “dentist near me”, etc..

Before bidding for any keyword, it is essential to go through a comprehensive keyword research process. Now, what is keyword research? It is the process of finding the right keywords relevant to your specific business niche.

Now that you know the basics of PPC advertising. Let’s check out some major PPC advertising platforms.
PPC Advertising Platforms
If you are interested in running pay per click ads for your business, there are different platforms to choose from. Here are some of the top ones:

Google Ads
Google takes the number one spot for top PPC platforms. The reason is simple – Google has a massive user base. It is the largest search engine in the world. In the United States alone, Google has close to 259 million unique visitors. Google owns 70% of the search market share. (netmarketshare.com) Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. If you want your business to get more exposure, you must consider Google Ads.

Bing Ads
Bing is one of the most significant search engines on the web. If you have any issues with Google Ads, you may use Bing Ads for promoting your business. The Bing Ads networks run advertisements on Bing as well as Yahoo search engines. Now this platform does not have the market share that Google Ads does, it is still a very valuable marketing platform.

Facebook Ads
Facebook is another digital channel with a massive user base. This social media platform has around 2.45 billion users worldwide. With approximately 74% of Facebook users visit the site at least once daily. That gives businesses a great opportunity to reach their specific audience.  78% of American consumers say they’ve discovered products on Facebook. Facebook has  targeting options allowing to target likes, interests, behaviors, occupations, etc. of the target audience. Therefore, this is still a very valuable marketing channel for running pay per click ads for your business.

Except for these three, there are many other online channels where you can run PPC ads for your business. It includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

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