The Most Critical Digital Marketing Factors

Digital marketing is essential to building an online presence, creating online businesses, and helping brick and mortar stores both survive and thrive. Learning the most important digital marketing factors will instantly help you make sure that either you or your client is ahead of the game.

Fast Loading Time

If a webpage takes more than two seconds to load, it instantly increases your bounce rate by more than half. Customers are less likely to stay on a page that is having difficulty loading. Limit the number of ads, images, and videos because these make your web page load slower.

Grabbing your Customers’ Attention

You have a few lines at the beginning of an article to grab a person’s attention. Most people do this by telling the reader what the article is about. You can also insert an interesting fact, or use that space to showcase your credibility to the reader.

Followers Before Sales

Most businesses that create a website or online business do this with the intention of making money. However, it doesn’t take long before people forget that the goal should be to help people. Put your followers first, and make money second. Businesses will earn more money in the long run thanks to having loyal customers.

SEO Is Always Important

SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimization, remains one of the most critical digital marketing factors. It doesn’t matter how great your website is if no one sees it because it’s on page fifty of search engine results. Learn everything you can about SEO, and implement it into your website. Use SEO tools to plan keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

White Space

While large chunks of text are great for academic pieces of writing, they are going to increase your bounce rate in every other area of interest. Chunks of text will increase your bounce rate. Instead, stick to paragraphs that are only three or four lines of text.

Alt Text for Images

When you have keywords in your alt text, those images will show up in search results. Then, people can click on the image to see your website, leading to more organic traffic.

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Digital marketing is a multi-faceted practice that requires dedication to multiple fronts. If you’re struggling with your digital marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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