5 Digital Marketing Trends We Are Expecting to See By the End of 2022

Due to the industry’s rapid evolution, staying current with digital marketing trends can be challenging. Additionally, staying on top of everything can be difficult because an effective digital marketing plan or campaign has numerous moving pieces. To make sense of the Covid-19-influenced digital marketing field, let’s look at an in-depth analysis of important new trends that, if taken very seriously, can be a game changer for any digital marketing agency in 2022.

1. An Explosion of YouTube Advertising

According to the managing director of Wolfgang Digital, “YouTube is going to explode in terms of advertising in 2022.” He further explained that “fragmentation with subscriptions and streaming services all means more advertising spend is going to move to YouTube.” Global revenue for YouTube increased to about $29 billion in 2018, up roughly 46% from the previous year. The app has now reached a revenue level that is comparable to Netflix.

2. The Evolution of Social Commerce

Platforms are working behind the scenes to enable customer payments without requiring users to leave social network apps in 2022. Gen Z and Millennials are expected to be the greatest spenders, generating 62% of worldwide social e-commerce sales by 2025. Thus, any digital marketing agency worth its salt considers this when planning an advertising campaign.

3. The Marketers’ Incursion Into the Metaverse

The metaverse is still a relatively new digital channel for marketing, but brands have used its immersive quality in recent campaigns. Research carried out by eMarketer Research puts the estimated users of virtual reality in 2023 at 65 million and that of augmented reality at 110 million. These figures represent significant audience potential.

4. The Rise of TikTok

With more than $110 million in user spending on the platform, TikTok was the highest-earning non-game app in 2021, according to Music Business Worldwide. This only highlights the app’s earning potential for a digital marketing agency wanting to engage young consumers in purchasing decisions. The app has reached the one billion users mark, and brands are starting to realize that TikTok offers a much wider audience than Facebook or Instagram.

5. Increased Attention to Customer’s Privacy Concerns

Google is the biggest market player in digital marketing. They accounted for 94% of all organic traffic and 67% of all smartphone search traffic as of May 2020, according to Smart Insights. The move to address data privacy concerns by phasing out third-party cookies has welcomed 70% of Americans who fear their data isn’t secure when surfing the web.

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