3 Benefits of Geofence Advertising

3 Benefits to Geofence Advertising

Over time, the concept of marketing has changed. The marketing methods that used to work earlier, may not work now. Earlier, major marketing methods used to be TV, newspaper, radio, magazine, phone book, etc. (When was the last time you saw a phone book?)

Focusing on old-school marketing techniques may not help your business anymore. The reason is the change in people’s lifestyles and habits. Nowadays, people are spending most of their time on their mobile phone devices. Hence, if any business wants to build their brand awareness, it is imperative to utilize digital marketing techniques.

In this post, we will talk about how geofencing marketing can help your business. Let’s understand its basic meaning first:

What is Geo-Fencing Advertising?

Geofencing advertising, also known as geofencing marketing, is the type of local-based marketing that allows you to connect with smartphone users in a designated geographic area.

Using this method, you can market your business to the target audience when they are shopping with your competitor, while browsing your store, or while they are preparing to use your service.

To make geofencing advertising work, the use of several technologies will be essential. It uses technologies, including GPS, Wi-Fi, radio-frequency identification, and Bluetooth.

This marketing method is compatible with around 92% of U.S. smartphones. From this data, you can get an idea about how powerful geofencing marketing can be. It will allow you to reach your target audience and drive to your business in unique ways.

The ads delivered to the user through geofencing could be via display ads, search ads, notifications, or in-app ads.

How Does Geo-Fencing Marketing Work?

Geofencing marketing is one of the best online advertising methods of driving local traffic to the business. If you are not sure how geofencing display advertising works or how you can implement it in your business, don’t worry, 10:23 Digital Marketing is here to help you.

Here’s how geofencing works:

  • The process starts by creating a geofence and ad campaign in the designated area. You can define this area to as little as a 1,00 feet.
  • After you have created a geofence and when any user steps into that geofence, he/she gets added to your geofence advertising audience.
  • You can start showing ads to the user, which is added to your geofence advertising audience. It could be search ads, display ads, notifications, or in-app ads.

Geofence Marketing

3 Benefits of Geofence Advertising?

Geo-fence marketing can help your business in different ways.

  • Connect with the customers: Geofence marketing can be a great way of connecting with your target audience. When you connect with your customers and potential customers in the right time and the right place, it builds trust.
  • Cost-effective: Geofencing marketing is far less costly as compared to old-school marketing methods. With little spending, you can drive a targeted audience to your business.
  • Result-effective: As the audience would be targeted, you will get better results with your geofencing advertising campaign.

If you want to use geofencing display advertising in your business, 10:23 Digital Marketing can help you. We are a top digital marketing agency, which provides different digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, social media, display ads, etc.

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