Search Engine Optimization: Do You Really Need it in 2020?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making changes to a business website and also improving its online visibility. It is definitely one of the most crucial online marketing techniques that have helped businesses across the world become successful online.

The goals of Search Engine Optimization are simple. The SEO tactics are geared towards creating a seamless user experience for visitors landing on a website and also ensuring the fundamentals of the site comply with this set Google guidelines.

But, should you really invest in SEO in 2020? Well, there are many factors you can consider before making your decision. In this post, we are going to help you figure out why investing in Search Engine Optimization can be the best decision you will ever make for your online business.

What Are The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization?

Organic Search is a Primary Online Traffic Source

Organic search has a huge say in any business websites’ performance. It plays a huge role in any online sales funnel and will eventually help you boost the conversion rate on your website. Since Google captures about 75% of the overall search market, it makes sense to optimize your business website according to its recent algorithm updates. Google is the most visited website in the world and being a highly trusted online resource, will help redirect a lot of the traffic to your website. Once you optimize your business website to perfection, organic search will become a primary online traffic source.

SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

Trust is the most fundamental requirement for making any visitor convert for your brand. One of the key goals of Search Engine Optimization is to establish a strong foundation for your website that will instill trust and credibility in your potential customers. SEO will help you establish your credibility by creating high-quality relevant content that will make you look like a thought leader in your niche. Establishing your online business as an authority will require constant effort and commitment to providing high-quality products, services, and content that allows your potential customers to trust you before making the purchasing decisions.

Helps Design Better User Experience

While Search Engine Optimization will boost your organic rankings and visibility, it will also go on to improve the user experience on your business website. No matter how high you rank on a search engine results page, if a user doesn’t find your website useful and accessible, you will not get enough conversions. SEO tactics will also help you improve user experience by ensuring that you make fundamental changes to how your website functions.

Local SEO Boosts Traffic and Conversions

Local SEO is the process of making your business website visible to local customers who are searching for your products and services online. With the incessant increase in mobile technology and internet penetration across the world, the local customers now have the capacity to search for local solutions to their problems. If you have a brick-and-mortar business and want the foot fall to increase significantly, you will have to invest in Local SEO. This SEO tactic is geared towards making your website optimized for or a specific town, city, or a region. Local SEO involves creating local content, optimizing Google my business listings, and giving a strong emphasis on user reviews on other business listings websites.

Impacts The Buyer’s Journey

Modern consumers have become smarter. They are more inclined towards making well-informed purchasing decisions. And they accomplish that by conducting extensive online research. A buyer’s journey often begins with a simple Google search and that’s exactly where you will want to show up when someone searches for the products and services you have to offer. Search Engine Optimization helps you impact your target consumers’ buying cycle by making your business website visible wherever they need your help. With the help of Local SEO-oriented content creation, you can become the answer to the problems and pain points of your target consumer online.

SEO Best Practices Get Updated

Search Engine Optimization is a tactic that keeps evolving with time. You have to monitor your website’s performance constantly to make sure your search engine ranking increases with time. Since Google and other major search engines come up with algorithm changes quite frequently, you will always be working on your website to ensure it follows the right tactics. A proactive approach to these major algorithm changes can lead your website to become extremely competent with time. Since it is very hard for business owners to keep track of these algorithm changes, we suggest you hire a professional Search Engine Optimization agency that can take care of your business website while you focus on the important business operations.

A Cost-Effective Method to Bring Traffic

Search Engine Optimization does not burn a hole in your pocket. It does cost money but when you see the bigger scheme of things, it is still a relatively cheaper digital marketing strategy. The amount of money you invest in Search Engine Optimization is nothing when compared to the benefits you will get once your website starts ranking on the Google search engine results page. A high-quality SEO implementation will keep bringing you new business for years to come. The more attention you give to your website’s SEO, the more business it will generate for you.

SEO is Quantifiable

Search Engine Optimization is data-driven. What this means is that you can calculate the return on investment just like you do on any paid advertising campaign. Search Engine Optimization campaigns can be tracked and analyzed using modern analytical tools like Google Analytics. These tools will help you connect the dots and eventually come up with a high-quality Search Engine Optimization campaign. Tracking the campaign will definitely boost the performance and growth of your business website. Since Search Engine Optimization is a constant quest to improve how your website functions, quantifying your campaign is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. We have shared some of the most important reasons why you should be investing in Search Engine Optimization for your business website. Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Thus, it requires you to practice patience and trust the process. Have questions? Feel free to put them down in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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